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24 Jul 2017

Having stained or browned teeth can be very intimidating. It can steal your self confidence, leave you feeling extremely ugly, and above all wipe of your sparkling white smile. It is because of these three reasons that many people don’t love brown teeth.

Nonetheless, even if you have browned teeth, it is not the end of the world. Today, there are very many ideal remedies that you can work with to restore your teeth’s whiteness and to retain that beautiful smile. Some of these remedies include the following.

·         Use of laser

·         Dental implants

·         Teeth whitening kits

The first two are quite expensive and might not be available for everybody. The last option however is quite affordable and comes in two major forms. The first type is the peroxide based options that use peroxide as its main whitening agent. The next type is sodium carbonate based.

These two options both have advantages and disadvantages that differ. For instance peroxide based perfect smile kit you will have to contend with a higher price, throat irritation, vomiting in case it is swallowed, and the abrasion of your teeth enamel. Sodium carbonate based whitener on the other side is mild, can be used without supervision and is very affordable above many things.

While we have seen this, there is one thing that all these perfect smile kits (peroxide based and non-peroxide based) share. They both need a timeline to work with them for the best results. Here are some of the best reasons why you should give these two sometime to deliver.


A tooth whitening process is not a one day thing. It has different levels and therefore requires a series of cleaning to get you where you want. You should therefore give yourself a target to work with.


It is just in order that you test what is necessary and still enjoy the value for your money. The best way to find out if it works is to buy it and possibly use it to the last drop before striking it off.


Because you need to track the results you need to have a grace period for every teeth whitening kit that you choose before you actually choose to change it and try out the next option too.


Like treatment this product was prescribed or recommended by the dentist. Being you dental expert, they understand why you need to take your time to use the product. So don’t rush the process.


You should also remain patient. Patience is key in getting the best results when it comes to cosmetic options. You must therefore take your time to ensure that you get the very best results.

If I buy a perfect smile kit today, I will give it sometime to kick in. The reason for this is really simple. I would want the best results and I understand that this cannot be achieved once. I need a series of cleaning to get to my goal. 


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