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11 Jan 2017

Thai massage is one of the most common forms of massage today. It’s a holistic, hands-on technique of healing the mind, body and spirit. Other forms of massage such as acupressure and shiatsu may also be incorporated into this therapy. Thai massage often combines various techniques to relieve pain and restore the natural flow of energy in the body.

To establish a synergistic relationship between the therapist and the recipient, the Thai massage therapists adjust touch accordingly. This also depends on the needs of the recipient. For example, if the therapist feels knots in the recipient’s muscles or neck, he/she may apply more pressure to the muscles to relieve the discomfort.

Thai massage was initially known as Thai yoga. This is because it yoga posture were widely used in this treatment.

What Does a Thai Massage Therapy Feel Like?

No oils are used in traditional Thai massage because the client is fully clothed. But today, herbal poultices and other modern techniques such as scents, heat or music may be used to relax the recipient’s body before the massage. It is recommended that the recipient puts on loose-fitting clothes due to the yoga-like movements that the therapist will be moving the recipient’s body.

During a thai massage in perth session, the massage therapist will take the recipient’s body through a series of stretches. Joints are flexed and stretched-knees, legs, feet, neck, hips and arms-to restore the flow of energy. The therapist may also tap acupressure points along the meridian of the body to release other restrictions to the flow of energy. The blockages and restrictions may also be caused by damage due to tight muscles, knots and injuries caused by stress and other health conditions.

The rocking movement found in shiatsu gives a nurturing and relaxing feeling to a Thai massage session. These stretches take the body and mind to a time when people lived stress free lives. This allows the body, spirit and mind to let go off any blockages,

What Are The Advantages Of Getting A Thai Massage?

A Thai massage works to loosen the joints and stretch muscles, tissues and ligaments for increase energy and improved blood flow. Better, improved blood flow and a balanced system support the body this way:

·         The relaxation that Thai massage brings can help to lower blood pressure and release lactic acid from your muscles. This will help the body to facilitate a healthier and richer blood flow, which speeds up the natural healing process.

·         Thai massage helps with elimination of waste products from the body and digestion

·         Type 1 and type 2 diabetes need better circulation to keep the body healthy. Thai massage is beneficial for anyone who is suffering from diabetes.

·         Flexibility can also be achieved through this treatment, which can reduce injury from sports and exercise and ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle.

Many people are too busy with life that they tend to forget the importance of self care. One of the best ways to practice self care is to get a Thai massage.


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